Listen: MEC Dhlomo says enjoy Valentine’s Day but…

Durban-  Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, MEC for Health in KZN said that people should enjoy Valentine’s day but must not fall into unplanned pregnancies.

Valentine’s Day is marked by couples and other love ones showing their love through gifts which falls on the week  of STI/Condom Week (10 – 16 February 2018) in South Africa.

Dhlomo warned that youngsters to abstain from sex or use protection so that they dont contract sexual transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies.

“February is generally known as the month of love. And with Valentine’s Day upon us, we know that young people,  might be tempted to do things that might have negative long term effects for them, such as unsafe sex. Although most of the young people at tertiary institutions are disease-free, they are at high risk of teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV,” said Dhlomo.

“On Valentine’s Day and beyond, we are saying to young women in particular, the men who sleep with them do not do so out of love, but out of lust. Our message is, ‘You don’t need someone who will come into your life and yield negative results.’ We are intensifying these campaigns, and will continue engaging with young people,” said Dhlomo.

“I plead with you to be responsible for your health. With the range of free health services available to the public, anyone who falls pregnant or gets infected with a sexually transmitted infection will only have themselves to blame,” said Dhlomo.

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