LISTEN: Suspended tax boss Tom Moyane tells SARS man to fake illness ahead of KPMG meeting

JOHANNESBURG-  News24 has published a telephone call where suspended SARS boss Tom Moyane instructs an employee to fake an illness to avoid speaking to investigators with auditing firm KPMG.

The conversation happened in 2015 and is the centre of one of the charges in Moyane’s disciplinary hearing that has been detailed by former finance minister and current Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan in an affidavit last week.

Moyane is heard in the recording telling the employee, Helgard Lombard, that if he is contacted by KPMG he must say he is ill.

“Let’s deal with the KPMG thing,” Moyane says.

“Let’s deal with it, you are not going,” he adds, to which Lombard responds with “Okay”.

“You are not going to them. Luther [Lebelo, human resource manager at the SA Revenue Service] is going to tell them you are not well,” Moyane continues.

“Ja, you are not well.”

The conversation is brief and Moyane instructs Lombard not to come to work, and to stay home and calm down. He then tells Lombard he is “behind” him.

Moyane also thanks Lombard for revealing information to him the previous day – but in the conversation it was not clear what Lombard told Moyane.

Before ending the call, Moyane said, “Just say: ‘I am not well’… if they do call you from KPMG, say: ‘I am not well.'”

Listen to the unedited call between Moyane and Lombard here:

Video Credit- News24

Photo Credit- TimesLIVE

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