LISTEN | Y’all can keep your Cardis and Remys, Nicki Minaj is back!

We’ve all been waiting to say this but kept mum out of fear of being called haters but now that Nicki has officially reclaimed her throne… uh, all the wanna-be Nicki’s must just sit down.

Sis is back with a vengeance!

Nicki went and stopped the interwebs when she dropped Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li.

Look, if you’ve loved Nicki since her Super Bass days then you understand when we say, she’s back like a bad case of flu.

Also, everyone who has attempted to beef with her, including the most recent fall-out with Cardi B, is in trouble!

In an interview with Apple’s Beats 1, the female rap icon claimed Cardi B hurt her feelings.

Twitter has officially declared the remainder of this month #NickiMonth because obvs #NickiDay was not enough to celebrate her two new songs.

General reaction was like, ‘Yoh, I have to know these damn lyrics, like yesterday’.

We all know you ain’t a stan if you can’t rap along.

The rest of us were like:

There was also no missing the the obvious shots fired at Cardi B and crew amidst growing beef.


In case you missed the wave, hop on fam… we got you.

Barbie Tingz.


This was also us, the whole time after playing Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li over and over again.

Sis better do right by us soon.

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