JOHANNESBURG- The latest listeriosis death toll has been released and the numbers have risen to 189. Rainbow Chickens and Enterprise were singled out by the Health Department with their polony testing positive for the ST6 type strain.

Their products have since been recalled nationwide and pulled off the shelfs.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said, since the recall of Rainbow Chickens and Enterprise polony about a month ago,  23 more cases of listeriosis have been confirmed.

The NICD  suspect more cases to be reported as the incubation period of listeriosis can go up too 70 days.

NICD said the 23 people in question did contract listeriosis prior to the national recall.

Only 10 of them consumed the implicated food products and two had direct contact with it.

A  class action lawsuit has been filed against Tiger Brands and Enterprise foods on Thursday, the complaints said they will be approaching the deputy Judge President to handle the matter.

Lawyer representing the complaints said,” Tiger, on our version, produced and distributed foodstuffs, ready to eat foodstuffs contaminated with a deadly poison. I think people forget, this disease kills one in five people who contract it.”

Photo Credit-EWN

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