Lloyiso headed on his first national headline tour to address the ‘elephant in the room’

Multi-award winning South African singer, Lloyiso this June will headed out on tour.

Multi-award winning South African singer, Lloyiso, will go on tour in June. ‘The Elephant In The Room Tour’ is Lloyiso’s first national headline tour.

The tour gets its name and inspiration from the artist’s passion for melodic poetry as well as his clan name, Ndlovu.

‘The Elephant In The Room Tour’ is a metaphorical idiom which expresses a topic that everyone knows about but is socially uncomfortable to talk about.

The 90-minute show will take fans on an immersive musical journey with Lloyiso, renowned for his ability to create meaningful connections with his audiences.

Accompanied by a full band, Lloyiso will deliver an exclusive performance of his latest body of work, sharing his pursuit of genuine worth.

The singer-songwriter-producer, who hails from Port Elizabeth, will also unveil a new album during the tour.

“I’m a very sensitive person by nature. When you listen to me, I hope you get in touch with the same feelings and you end up crying, smiling, or dancing.

“I’m just excited to connect on a meaningful level and can’t wait to share this live in an intimate setting on this tour,” said Lloyiso.

Lloyiso’s most recent single ‘I Hate that I Care’ is from his upcoming album, expected in mid-2024, featuring work by Grammy Award winning producers Paul Phamous and Ethan Sneiderman.

Lloyiso’s The Elephant In The Room Tour opens on June 8 at 012 Central in Pretoria and in Cape Town on June 21.

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