Lost aircraft carrier found after 76 years: A USS Lexington

AUSTRALIA- A US carrier aircraft that sunk during World War II has been found off the coast of Australia.

The US carrier aircraft the USS Lexington, was located about 3km (2 miles) of the Coral Sea,  800km off Australia’s east coast.

The ship lost the Battle of the Coral Sea from 4-8 May 1942.

Many crew members died in fighting with the Japanese, about 200 members killed.

The US Navy has confirmed the ship was discovered by a search team led by Vulcan, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was the USS Lexington.

The pictures produced by the search team shows that the ship wreck will be well preserved.

Adm Harry Harris who is the head of the Pacific Command was very pleased of the discovery, he said,

“As the son of a survivor of the USS Lexington, I offer my congratulations to Paul Allen and the expedition crew of Research Vessel (R/V) Petrel for locating the ‘Lady Lex’.”

A Douglas TBD-1 Devastator aircraft discovered with the wreck

The battle of the Coral Sea is consider a defining moment in stopping Japanese advancement in the Pacific during the war.

US navy said 216 crew members lost their lives, with more than 2000 rescued, as the Japanese army torpedoed and bombed the ship.

Vulcan spokesperson has said the location of the ship had taken six months to plan.

The aircraft will be given to the US navy because they consider it a war grave.

One of the USS Lexington's anti-aircraft gunsLexington anti-aircraft guns.

Photo Credits- BBC

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