Lost Rebel Finds a Safe Haven in the East DRC

Kinshasa – Dhiling Keah who is a rebel from South Sudan and his soldiers were fighting with former vice president, Riek Machar in Juba, which is the capital of the world’s newest state. The fight was against the forces of president Sala Kiir.


After the rebels were beaten they retreated over the border into the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After travelling hundreds of kilometres they ended up in a camp some distance from Goma, which is the capital of the strife-prone North Kivu province.

This happened in 2015 and today DHILING Keah exercises authority over a lost army of several hundred rebels who have been disarmed and lost their purpose.


“We were very welcomed in the Democratic Republic of Congo and this was clear evidence that Africans can work together.” Said Dhiling Keah who has now found a haven in the DRC.


The former fighters are fed and clothed by Monusco and the UN mission in the DRC, in their camp at Munigi. The former fighters now enjoy leisure activities like football, card games, dominoes and a watch television in a shipping container.


After gruesome experiences the rebels say it feels good to be human again and live in an area that is surrounded by everyday human activities.

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