Lunar New Year: Chinese TV gala includes ‘racist blackface’ sketch

Beijing- A skit in Chinese Lunar Year on the biggest New Year TV show has caused outrage and accusations of racism.

The comedy routine celebrating Chinese and African ties, a Asian actress appeared in black face with and over-sized buttocks.

Black face, is using make up to look like black people, and is usually seen as deeply offensive and racist.

Spring Festival Gala with Chinese actors in blackface

Photo Credit- BBC

An African mother is played by a Chinese lady with over-sized buttocks added on.  The Asian actress is seen on stage carrying a fruit plate on her head and is accompanied by what is thought to be have been a black actor in a monkey suit, carrying a basket on his back.

The state media show is highly viewed and has up to 800 million viewers.

Some observers have defended the skirt, as not having the intention to offend Africans ,however some find it offensive. This is not the first time Chinese entertainment shows have caused controversy with their portrayals of other peoples ethnicities.

But the skirt continues with a celebration of African culture, the skirt can be mistaken for clumsiness, nativity or a something deeper?

Spring Festival Gala with Chinese actors in blackface

Either way the Chinese government still needs to work on understanding of other cultures and ethicities, particularly the African culture, where they try and strengthen ties.

Photo Credit-   BBC


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