Mahlobo to speed-up Nuclear power deal

JOHANNESBURG – Energy Minister David Mahlobo is reportedly speeding up nuclear deal negotiations, City Press reported.


According to the City Press, Mahlobo desperately needs the nuclear power deal be finalised as soon as possible to support the already struggling Eskom.


Although the energy deal was set to be finalised in February 2018 after the matter has been fully scrutinised, the deal can now be completed in the next two weeks.


Mahlobo is discontent about what he refers to as “unnecessary delays” to complete the nuclear power deal, the only alternative power source to support industries across South Africa.


According to Mahlobo, companies across the country are being closed down on a daily basis and young people remain unemployed because of power shortages.


The energy minister told the City Press that while the government should not be reckless, nuclear power shouldn’t be treated as an economic issue because it is central to the country’s security and socio-economic development.


Mahlobo also encouraged the ruling party, African National Congress not to be discouraged by other political parties not to implement its programmes.


He also says his department is doing everything in its power to ensure a sustainable power system to benefit all South Africans and parties affiliated with the country.


The City Press also reported that Mahlobo told the paper that the criticism against the nuclear project is based on unfounded narratives about who may win the tender.


Although the nuclear power deal is expected to cost the country’s economy R1 trillion, Mahlobo believes it is for the benefit of everyone.

Image Source EWN

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