Makhosi Khoza: Zuma laughed when we lost metros in August

Durban – Dr Makhosi Khoza former ANC MP, said on Wednesday that during the 2016 August local government elections, President Jacob Zuma never saw anything wrong.

“Instead, he laughed and asked concerned ANC members why they were sad,” said Khoza

Khoza was speaking in public for the first time since she resigned.

She also went on to say that some of the ANC leaders as well as her were dismayed when the ANC lost its 4 majority metros.

They lost the Tshwane, Johannesburg, Nelson Mandela Bay and the City of Ekurhuleni. She also said she knew that the NAC could not have retained the City of Ekurhuleni if it doesn’t go into coalition with the African Independent Congress.

“You lose four metros out of eight in one election and you think things are normal?” she asked

We were looking sad and our leader came and asked why we were sad. I asked myself, ‘where am I?’ He just didn’t see anything wrong or he pretended he didn’t see anything wrong. Of course, his signature is to giggle. And he laughed at us, we were all dismayed. You lose Johannesburg and it doesn’t say anything to you?” asked Khoza.

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