Makhura: Corruption claims have eroded public confidence in Gauteng govt

Johannesburg – Gauteng Premier David Makhura on Thursday said that the allegations of corruption involving Covid-19 relief funds had profoundly eroded public confidence in his administration.

Makhura said that prior to these corruption allegations, Gauteng had built a track record of improving transparency and accountability.

“There is no doubt that the scale of these allegations has eroded public confidence in the work of the collective that I have the honour to lead in this province. But also, these allegations have profoundly undermined the tremendous work done by various sectors, our healthcare workers across the province in the fight against COVID-19,” Makhura said.

Makhura said that these allegations had overshadowed the commendable work that Health MEC Bandile Masuku had done in the fight against Covid-19.

“I must say that I am disappointed, at this point. I am really, really disappointed to have an MEC, who has been leading from the front very well, facing allegations that I can’t ignore,” Makhura said.

“We can’t sit here and say ‘no, what you are saying is true’. I may believe but there must be somebody who can say, ‘hey you might have not done something but did other things happen in your name?’” added Makhura.


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