Malagasy organic Covid-19 capsule cure

Madagascar – Capsules containing extracts of a local Malagasy plant artemisia with proven anti-malarial properties and other indigenous herbs such as ravintsara inspired by a national herbal infusion believed to be effective in curing and treating coronavirus infections during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The product was launched on Friday at an inauguration ceremony hosted outside Antananarivo by local pharmaceutical company Pharmagalasy.

President Andry Rajoelina said he views this step as a source of pride.

“We have distributed 7 million doses, which have largely limited the spread of the virus, and as you can see today, Madagascar is on the verge of totally defeating coronavirus, unlike other countries. Those who struggle to ingest the infusion can now take this CVO+ capsule that will be sold across the world.”

The capsule, whose contents’ effects are yet to be scientifically tested, is to be sold across the globe with 275million in stock and the capacity to produce 32,000 CVO+ capsules per day.

In spite of warnings against its use and distribution by the World Health Organisation, its representative in the country Charlotte Faty Ndiaye congratulated the president for leading “the fight against this global pandemic”, at the launch.

The United Nations has recently endorsed guidelines to help scientists conduct proper trials of potential herbal coronavirus cures and Rajoelina did not specify when sales would begin.

Madagascar has reported around 200 Covid-19 related deaths and over 16,000 confirmed cases with a decline in recent weeks.


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