Malema: our songs are not meant to be taken literally

Johannesburg – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema told the Johannesburg High Court that he would respect its decision should it declare the struggle “Dubul’ ibhunu” as hate speech.

However, Malema also warned that by doing so, the court would be declaring that the liberation movement was driven by hate.

This was on Thursday revealed during his cross-examination in the civil case brought forward by AfriForum.

The lobby group wants the party and its leaders to apologise and pay R50,000 in damages.

The song “kill the boer” has come under heavy scrutiny, with the battle to declare the anti-apartheid chant as hate speech.

Malema was back on the stand where he defended the song in question.

“The complainant has sought in its relief to declare the song and the iteration of the song that includes this as hate speech. If the court does so, will you comply?” Malema was asked.

He replied: “I will respect the court but the court would’ve declared that our struggle was hate because we sing the songs that were sung by those who came before us. They were no haters, they were liberators and their songs still have a place today. Our songs are not in any way meant to engage in any literal engagement.”

The EFF leader said that the song had never been used as a command to kill but rather the rejection of the apartheid system.

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