Man Gets Life in Prison after Slicing hands and Leg of Lover

NAIROBI – The man, Reuben Kivuva alias Cameroon, who chopped off his lover’s hands and leg, two years ago has been sentenced to life in prison.

Ms Judith Muendi, 28, has had her hands and leg cut off by her lover, Reuben Kivuva alias Cameroon, 35, who attacked her on December 13 in 2015, using a panga during the domestic quarrel.

She was attacked by her lover in their rented home at Emali township, Makueni County. Senior Resident Magistrate Gerals Mutiso found Kiivuva guikding for attemopted murder of Ms Muendi at the Makindu court on Wednesday.

“I have considered the accused’s mitigation that he is a father of three children, a husband of an epileptic wife and a son of a diabetic mother,” said Mr Mutiso.

“I have also considered the victim’s impact report, which indicates that the victim (compliant) is not totally dependent on her mother to wash her, dress her and cook for her. “The violence meted out by you, the accused, upon a helpless woman in cold blood is mind-boggling”

In his defence, he stated that Ms Muendi had been unfaithful to him although she had previously attempted to end thing with him. Now making more people suffer in the process, the judge decided to give him life in prison and paying off victim’s hospital bills.

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