Manamela: What happened was a collective endeavour

JOHANNESBURG – Gauteng’s suspended head of mental health Dr Makgabo Manamela says she acknowledges and apologises to deaths that happened at Life Esidimeni but added that she will not take any blame.

Manamela, who was testifying for the fourth time on Monday said the dispute and resolution committee treated her unfairly and violated her right to privacy.

“I believe that somewhere, somehow during these proceedings I was seen as an accused, my right to dignity and privacy was violated, my medical condition was published without my consent and I witnessed a lot of bias during these proceedings,” she said.

The embattled doctor says the arbitration hearings are biased and targeted to demean her capacity as the head of mental department.

“I was called as witness but the proceedings put me in an accusing line as the director of mental health.”

“We did move some patients, but we did not know who will die,” she added.

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