Mango flights cancelled, delayed after failed wage negotiations

JOHANNESBURG – Mango spokesperson Sergio dos Santos has confirmed that several flights have been cancelled following a cabin crew strike on Monday morning.

It is reported Mango employees have been at loggerheads with management in recent weeks as they require a raise in salary.

Mango cabin crew members are demanding 8.5% but the management is offering 6% which is reported not enough for workers.

Santos says the situation is tense but clear contingency plans are in place to accommodate their valuable customers.

“The management is doing everything in power to provide alternative solutions to transport passengers to their destined destinations,” he said.

Santos says the Trade Union Solidarity on Sunday met with Mango’s management in a bid to try and reach a settlement.

But according to Santos, the meeting was fruitless and both parties failed to find a solution.

Santos has confirmed that several flights on the Durban, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg routes have been cancelled and yet to be rescheduled.

According to Solidarity, which represent 95 percent of the pilots at Mango airline, the failure for Mango’s management to meet the needs of its employees is evident that is does not care and not committed to accommodate its qualified employees.

Solidarity says employees feel not appreciated and had no choice but take to the streets.

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