Mango strike finally called off

JOHANNESBURG – Mango authorities have finally resolved their issues with workers putting an end to a five-day wage strike, the airline has confirmed.

Although flight schedules have been changed for Friday, the airline said it will be returning to normal operations on Saturday.

In a statement issued on Friday, the airline said “Mango Airlines can confirm that an agreement has been reached between management and some of its flight deck crew employees, who are represented by Solidarity. The specifics of which are at the prerogative of our employees to disclose.”

The airline faced one of its worst strikes in history after workers downed their tools on Monday following failed wage negotiations.

Authorities have sent an apology to all passengers who have been affected one way or the other during the strike period.

Solidarity, which represent 95 percent of the pilots at Mango airline has also confirmed that workers reported to work on Friday morning as an agreement has been finally met with the airline.

The airline, which offered 6% instead of the 8.5% salary raise needed by workers, left workers with no choice but to down their tools on Monday morning.

Solidarity has been negotiating with the airline for a week long and both parties came to a 7% salary raise agreement.

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