Maritzburg College Faces a Political Scandal

The Maritzburg College faces disciplinary action over three students photographed displaying EFF T-Shirts on the school premises.

The KwaZulu Natal Education Department will be taking disciplinary action towards the three pupils following a photograph of them in school uniform, holding up T-shirts, one reading “EFF our last hope of getting our land back.” Twitter has reacted.

A four page charge sheet purported to be from Maritzburg College to the three pupils has surfaced on Twitter following the image of the boys holding EFF branded T-shirts at the school.

These files explain how the three are to present themselves at a disciplinary hearing on 21 October on five counts of serious misconduct, including taking pictures of images considered to be racially charged.

Maritzburg College has not been available to confirm the documents, Khwezi Mthethwa of the KZN Education Department says the school has no right to make that kind of decision.

“The school has gone to a point where they are committing with the whole country.

We’re the custodians of education in KwaZulu Natal and are the ones that must lead in terms of committing such issues” said Khwezi Mthethwa.

Julius Malema, of the EFF has also taken to Twitter to say he is aware of the pending plan to suspend the pupils, and that the party is ready.

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