Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Congress

WASHINGTON- Facebook founder CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in the hot seat on Tuesday after he testified, as camera’s surrounded him, the CEO was finally made to answer some questions.

Senators were given less than five minutes to ask a question, making it harder for the senators to have follow up questions. The session lasted nearly five hours of questioning from 44 Senators.

Zuckerberg apologized frequently for the mistakes made from a range of problems that have besiege Facebook, including their lack of data protection with Russian agents using Facebook to influence US elections.

The 33 year old Billionaire was seen by some in the markets as performing well, as Facebook shares posted their biggest daily gain in two years.

But others were not impressed with his performance, accusing him of not answering question posed to him, Democrat Senator Kamala Harris said posted on her Twitter account, “Mark Zuckerberg’s failure to answer several critical questions during his appearance before the Senate today leaves me concerned about how much Facebook values trust and transparency.”

Zuckerberg has promised many changes within Facebook to avoid this type of data breach from happening again but refused to promise to support any congressional regulation of the world’s largest social media network and other US internet companies.

He said, “I’ll have my team follow up with you so that way we can have this discussion across the different categories where I think this discussion needs to happen,”

The hearing was packed, as the two day US congressional hearings is expected to continue on Wednesday. The data breach affected millions of Facebook users, after it media reports exposed that millions of users’ personal information was taken from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy in the UK  that has counted U.S. President Donald Trump’s election campaign among its clients.

The latest estimate of affected users is up to 87 million.

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