Massive Storms to Hit KZN This Week

Durban – Heavy rains, thunderstorms and hailstorms will be, once again, visiting the coastal areas of the KwaZulu Natal Province this week.

Residents of areas including Ugu, Ethekwini, iLembe, King Cetshwayo and uMkhanyakude are warned to remain indoors throughout the weekend to stay safe and away from what might occur.

Areas including uThukela, Zululand and Mzinyathi are also warned to watch out for severe thunderstorms, strong winds and possible hail storms.

There are some precautions people should adhere to in order to stay safe this weekend. Besides staying indoors, you should always stay off the roads, avoid crossing rivers and swollen streams where water is above your ankles.

If you find yourself trapped in a vehicle, abandon it and climb to a higher ground. Most insurances do cover hail storm damage and if it is not to severe, panel beaters are able to repairs your vehicle with no hassle.

For some people, hail storms may be large enough to not only damage the car but also severely cause injury to passengers in the vehicle so it is advised to find shade, despite the damage to vehicle.

Drivers are also urged to not drive on grounds where the tar is out of vision as you may not know how deep the flood is. KZN is urged to follow these precautions to remain safe.

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