Master KG’s age shocks South Africans

Johannesburg – Master KG left many South Africans when his age was revealed.

Many thought that he was using football age or probably just pulling their leg.

Fans who thought the Jerusalem hitmaker was in his 30s, were left shocked when they found out that he is actually only 24 years old. Master KG was born on 31 January 1996.

“What are you you’re not using younger age like Khune,” said @Black_God50 on Twitter.

“Haibo jama kancane are you his parent,” said Thendo Manuga.

Master KG’s accomplishments at such a young age are mind-blowing to his fans.

The star has received international recognition with his hit single, Jerusalem featuring Nomcebo, and the pair has now become ambassadors of South Africa because of the song’s fame.

The original song and the remix featuring Burna Boy sit at the top of global song charts.

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