NEW YORK- American boxer Floyd Mayweather’s blockbuster fight against Conor McGregor has sent him back to the top of the Forbes list of best-paid athletes for the fourth time in seven years.

Mayweather, whose goes by the nickname ‘Money’, earned $275 million (205.13 million pounds) from last year’s fight against Irish Mixed Martial Arts champion McGregor, whose cut of the purse elevated him to fourth spot on the US business magazine’s list.

The fight pushed Mayweather earnings as a boxer to a billion dollars, joining the elite group with basketball legend Michael Jordan and golfer Tiger Woods as the only athletes to reach that figure.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who topped the last two years of the list, slipped to third, while his football rival Lionel Messi was second. There were no female athletes who made the list, as Serena Williams and Maria Sharvopova who have made the list before dropped back in their rankings and Williams taking time off to give birth..

Top 20 (lists under athlete/nationality/sport/estimated earnings):

  1. Floyd Mayweather (US) Boxing $285 million
  2. Lionel Messi (Argentina) Soccer $111 million
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) Soccer $108 million
  4. Conor McGregor (Ireland) MMA $99 million
  5. Neymar (Brazil) Soccer $90 million
  6. LeBron James (US) Basketball $85.5 million
  7. Roger Federer (Switzerland) Tennis $77.2 million
  8. Stephen Curry (US) Basketball $76.9 million
  9. Matt Ryan (US) American football $67.3 million
  10. Matthew Stafford (US) American football $59.5 million
  11. Kevin Durant (US) Basketball $57.3 million
  12. Lewis Hamilton (Britain) Formula One $51 million
  13. Russell Westbrook (US) Basketball $47.6 million
  14. James Harden (US) Basketball $46.4 million
  15. Canelo Alvarez (Mexico) Boxing $44.5 million
  16. Tiger Woods (US) Golf $43.3 million
  17. Drew Brees (US) American football $42.9 million
  18. Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Formula One 42.3 million
  19. Derek Carr (US) American football $42.1 million
  20. Rafael Nadal (Spain) Tennis $41.4 million

Photo Credit- Dhaka Tribune

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