Mbeki endorses ANC manifesto

Johannesburg – Former African National Congress (ANC) leader and President Thabo Mbeki said the commitments made by the party in its election manifesto were the correct ones.

Mbeki – who until recently barely made appearance alongside his comrades in the ANC – was among those who joined in the launch of the party’s 2021 local government election manifesto on Monday night.

Another former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe was also present at the event in Pretoria’s Church Square.

In his speech, the ANC’s current president Cyril Ramaphosa complained that too many local government functions are being outsourced.

Ramaphosa also spoke of the high level of unemployment and lack of services all of which the ANC committed once more to addressing, if entrusted with running the majority of the country’s municipalities.

Mbeki’s presence at the ANC’s 2021 election manifesto was welcomed surprise for many of the hundreds gathered at Church Square.

He was greeted with cheers and applause and his presence signalled a rare nod in favour of the direction the ANC is moving in.

The former president shared his thoughts on the manifesto with media as he left the venue.

“The commitments are absolutely the correct ones.”


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