McBride abuse charges to resume

PRETORIA – Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) boss Robert McBride will on Monday appear in the Pretoria magistrate’s court following charges of child abuse.

McBride is facing charges of child abuse after allegedly beating and strangling a close relative with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Although McBride has denied the allegations made against him, he admitted to admonishing the teenager because of her behaviour.

He was quoted saying, “I did nothing wrong, I only reprimanded the child because of her rowdy behaviour…it is confusing how other people have taken this to discredit me.”

McBride, who is no stranger to controversy, said the incident has been exaggerated by people who have a grudge with him, adding that he will not give in to a crime he never committed.

He was arrested three months ago and granted a R10,000 bail on condition that he does not contact any witnesses, including the family member who laid charges against him.

In 2006, McBride was charged for drunk driving after he crushed his car on his way home from a staff Christmas party.

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