McKinsey Admits to Misjudgement of Eskom Deal

JOHANNESBURG – McKinsey has recently admitted to lapses in judgment and failing to adhere to its administrative processes in its work for Eskom with Gupta-liked Trillian, today in Johannesburg.

None of the staff has been fired as no evidence has been found of intentional wrongdoing, which was stated by the global consultancy.

Eskom wants Trillian and McKinsey to pay back the R1.6billion they earned six months of work, after the utility announced last week that it would go to court to have the unlawful contract set aside.

This unlawful payment model was at risk and was never given approval from the Treasury, as required by law.

McKinsey said in a statement early on Thursday that senior partner Vikas Sagar, had left the firm, following the investigation on him for instructing Eskom in a letter to pay Trillian directly.

“Sagar’s letter should not have been issued for a party with whom we did not have a subcontract”, said McKinsey.

McKinsey also stated that its findings were based on a review by global general counsel Jean Molino and two law firms of 2.4 million emails, hundreds of thousands of documents and more than 60 interviews.

More news will be reported on the investigation of the company wrong doings or if there was any illegal act on purpose.

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