Members of Parliament to review policy to help SAA

Cape Town – It could be the right time for the South African Airways (SAA) to have a talk with the minister of transport about reviewing “the open skies policy” in the country. The member of the ANC Pinky Kekana told the SAA’s CEO and chair on Wednesday.
“Our skies are too open. We are not saying a plane should not come straight from Dubai to Cape Town, but sometimes it brings unintended consequences to our own national carrier,” Kekana said during a briefing of Parliament’s standing committee on finance by SAA.
“Without wanting to disallow provinces to also do their thing, there must be high level consideration of (open skies). It is our national carrier. There is no way we cannot support it.”
Kekana also added that the cabin crew of the SAA has informed her of a great wastage, especially in the business catering class.
“We know ACSA (Airports Company South Africa) is doing very well, but you are competing with people who also own airports,” said Kekana. “But you can only do that if you show you have capacity.”
JB Magwaza the new board chair also told the committee that SAA  is operating in a market that is competitive free.

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