Men accused of assaulting a couple at KFC are back in court

Pretoria – The men that are accused of assaulting a couple at a KFC drive-thru at Montana are expected to appear at the Pretoria North Magistrate Court on Thursday.

The five men, Stephan Nel, 39, Joshua Scholtz, 21, DJ van Rooyen, 21, Marius Harding, 23 and Ockert Muller, 20, are charged with attempted murder, assault with the intention to do grievous bodily harm, and pointing a firearm.

They allegedly attacked a black couple in Montana on the 2nd of August.

One of the accused van Rooyen told the court previously that he had ordered food but he was told that he has to wait because the food will take some time.

Van Rooyen also went on to say that the couple’s car was parked behind him and the other accused were in a car behind them.

While they were waiting for their food the husband got out of his car and confronted him. Van Rooyen also said that the security guard also told the husband to get to his car, and his wife also told him the same thing.

He intervened when the husband started punching Muller.

“At that point I intervened and hit him [the husband] with clenched fists,” Van Rooyen said.

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