‘Mercedes-Benz cars are the safest!’ – Readers react to horrifying 30-year-old Chapman’s Peak crash ad

In May Wheels24 reported a story of Christopher White who was behind the wheel of a self-driving S-Class, returning to the scene of his horrific crash 30 years later at Chapman’s Peak.

White plummeted his Mercedes-Benz off the edge of the scenic route in Cape Town. White survived the horrific ordeal.

In dramatic video Mercedes SA take a journey back to Chapman’s Peak: WATCH-

Watch the insane crash that occurred 30 years ago in Cape Town:

Merc ad – readers


What do you think of the Mercedes-Benz film? Do you think self-driving cars will work in South Africa?

Petro du Toit

Scary but true… Excellent video clip! My husband survive a month ago… Hit a cow with his Mercedes-Benz C-Class without any injuries… All thanks to our Heavenly Father and the safest car… Mercedes.

Johann J Lemmer

Yes, I test drove one of the first ones and soon my dream will come true to purchase and drive a self-driving Mercedes-Benz.

Tebogo Lekalakala

Definitely yes. I think it will work and its an absolutely amazing technology. I think of an Autopilot on the aeroplanes.
I’m really interested in how the self drive works.
I hope to own one of those one day to fly an aeroplane on Autopilot and than get in my S-Class and drive home after a long day at work, or more accurately be driven home safely and in style of course 🙂
Well done, Mercedes-Benz.

Nerina Dehnke

Love the ad, not sure I would have been brave enough to go on the trip, especially if I’d been the the survivor!

Self Drive cars in SA – marvellous idea, but with all our maniacs on the road – can any computer be clever enough to anticipate the crazy behaviour of our motorists?

Ierefaan Batchelor

My simple answer is no. I buy a car for transport, the freedom it allows and the pleasure/joy of driving. I do not want my hands free to text, surf the net, read the newspaper or chat to passengers.

The News24 article on the Tesla Model S that hit a stationary patrol car reinforces my standpoint. Also, countless other injuries/crashes and the pedestrian that was hit by a self-driving car does not sit well with me either.

The motor vehicle industry is heading in directions that the consumer is not asking for. Why not keep it basic and actually ask the consumer what they want?

Fannie Ngo

I don’t think it will work in South Africa. Already there’s too many unroadworthy vehicles on the road,how can those cars be maintained? Presently insurance companies are a headache when it comes to paying for damages, now with a self driving car it will be worse.

Thabang Mahlangu

Mercedes-Benz: impressive.I have passed the Chapman’ Peak in March and I told Bae (girlfriend) the story about a Benz that fell from the Peak.

Little did I know that Mercedes-Benz had a trick up their sleeve for Mr Christopher White. It’s real, the S Class drives it’s self.

Dan Esterhuyse

Have been in a head-on accident in a Benz and survived. Safest and best car in the world.

Siyabulela Mamkeli

I don’t trust self driving cars, your can’t completely take man off the wheel, Tesla experience of a self driving vehicle hitting a pedestrian.

I prefer to be in control all the time, I have never even used cruise control.

Fabian Cairns

Well done guys, incredible story, vehicle and brand. Superb.

Natalie LT

Love the ad.
And love Mercedes-Benz.
What was true then is true now.
Safest car ever and still…always wear a seat belt.
Yaaay Mercedes-Benz, you always get it right. Love your cars, love your brand.
I don’t own a Mercedes-Benz personally (not yet)….but I’m closer than before. Driving a Honda CRV. My goal is to own a Mercedes-Benz SUV. Can’t wait. The only problem I can possibly see is I’ll never want to get out of the vehicle.
Your cars look sexy (inside and out) and sound beyond sexy. Love love love love this brand. TIMELESS!

Responses sourced from Wheels24

Photo Credit- Wheels24

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