Mercedes gives Valtteri Bottas 1-year F1 contract extension

Hockenheim, Germany- Mercedes has given Formula One driver Valtteri Bottas only moderate backing by offering him a new one-year contract.

Earlier this week Mercedes  current F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton signed a two year extension. The Danish driver, Bottas has to prove in 2019 that he is worthy of a contract extension with strong performances.

“We have a big battle on our hands right now, so it’s good to have the future clear for everybody. It means we can have a full focus on the championship fight,” said Bottas, who acknowledged he must keep proving himself. “My goal is to keep performing at a high level and to make it a no-brainer for the team when it comes to deciding their plans for 2020.”

“When we took the decision in favor of Valtteri for 2019, it wasn’t just about his undoubted speed and work ethic, but also a question of character,” Wolff said. “His relationship with the team, including Lewis, is open and trusting, without any politics at all. Those are the ingredients you need when you’re fighting strong rivals in both championships.’

Bottas has been second choice driver for the German automaker, in the current season he has not won any races in 10 races. He has finished second for four seasons, currently his in fifth place this season, Hamilton has 59 points and driver’s leader Sebastian Vettel has 69 points.

Photo Credit- Daily Express

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