Messaging apps to use other that Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger

In the past, calling and sending an sms was the only way we knew how to stay in contact. Now we rely on instant messaging social application, the most popular being Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, with around 1.2 billion and more than 1 billion users in more than 180 countries respectively.
But have you ever asked yourself what would happen if all these apps crashed as we recently saw with Whatsapp crashing, leaving users to find other alternatives.
Here are a few alternatives to look into:
1. Kik Messenger: Founded in 2009 by a group of student at the University of Waterloo. The app was released in 2010. It sends texts, voice messages and images over a smart-phone’s data connection avoiding mobile operator messaging charges.
2. BBM (Black Berry Messenger): Still available on Blackberry, it allows secure instant messages to be sent between Blackberry users.
3. Viber: This app allows users to send texts, video messages, pictures and do phone calls. However, voice calling and other features are limited to the iPhone, Android and Windows phone.
4. Line: Line combines a timeline that is similar to Facebook. Here you can post and your friends can comment on your posts. The app allows calls to landlines, and Line to Line free video or voice calls are available.
5. Google Hangouts: This app allows users to send texts and images, as well as hold video calls and group messaging.

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