MEXICO CITY-  Mexican President- elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador left the country’s national palace on Tuesday in the front passenger seat of a white Volkswagen Jetta, swarmed by hundreds of jubilant supporters including one waving a live rooster, with security guards in sight.

After his victorious election win on Sunday, the leftist politician has promised on a transformative change within government. It includes cleaning out the government of corruption and violence, which has become the same message many voters have heard before.

Obrador is planning to travel without armed guards, this decision has worried some parts of the political arena and ordinary citizens, as the deadliest year in Mexico was recorded in modern history.

“The people will protect me. … He who fights for justice has nothing to fear,” Lopez Obrador said after meeting with President Enrique Pena Nieto, who he said offered federal protection.

“You’ll all be watching out for me,” he told a large hall packed with press during a lively, 35-minute back-and-forth that sharply contrasted with Pena Nieto’s brief, tightly controlled appearances.

But some of the public are skeptical.

“This is the institution of the presidency of the republic, this isn’t just one person,” a journalist said, asking Lopez Obrador if he would change his strategy.

“We’re just reporters,” another called out.

Since his election, Obrador’s every move has been followed by the media and broadcasted live, so it remains to be seen how long he will insist in not having a security team around him.

Photo Credit- DNA India

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