Mihlali Ndamase’s man Leeroy Sidambe professes his love for his ‘wife’ in Instagram Live

Mihlali Ndamase.

YouTuber and digital creator Mihlali Ndamase and her man Leeroy Sidambe are very much in love.

Despite their relationship receiving flak from the public, the two are all about each other and enjoying their love.

Sidambe has never been shy to celebrate or defend his leading lady. In an Instagram Live that has gone viral, the businessman called the award-winning personality his “wife”.

In the video, Sidambe appeared inebriated and told his followers about how Ndamase is everything to him and how she makes him crazy because of the way he loves her.

“Shout-out to my beautiful wife Mihlali Ndamase…” he said before going on to imply that people don’t know that she might be the one blessing him in the relationship.

The video had Xsers talking and weighing in on the relationship.

@Triciakoki said: “Drunk people will tell you the truth ke sana he so in love.”

@Sinelizwi_ said: “His such a drunk in love gone boy bethuna😭😂😂😂”

Ndamase’s relationship with Sidambe has placed her on social media users’ radar, with her being referred to as a version of Leeroy’s estranged wife Mary Jane.

Sidambe, condemned the bullying his girlfriend was subjected to and shared a statement online clarifying he has been separated for months.

“Mihlali Ndamase like all of us is human and has the right to follow her heart on who she loves.

“She is a self-sufficient woman, who has astutely run her business, which does not deserve this kind of hateful intrusion upon her life and work.”

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