Miners live in fear amid platinum belt killings

JOHANNESBURG – Marikana miners say they are living in fear amid escalated violence and platinum belt killings in the area.


Miners have blamed the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) for failing to protect those speaking out against corruption.


Four miners who pleaded anonymity shared same sentiments saying union leaders were doing nothing to devise measures to reduce corruption and put an end to violence and killings on the platinum belt.


According to the miners, they believe Union leaders are amongst those who precipitate corruption in the mines and as a result eliminate all those trying to speak out.

Miners raised these sentiments following a recent incident two weeks ago, when Tholakele Bhele Dlunga was shot outside his home in Wonderkop.


One of the miners had this to say, “People who supported the notion of new comrades in leadership did not live long, they were told that they will be killed like flies and indeed they were assassinated,”


“This is not right, we have been forced into self-exile and are now afraid to speak because if we do so, we will be assassinated,” he added.


The miner also said the failure to hold an elective congress since the inception of the Union has played in integral role in inciting the blood bath.



“If you ever question the head office on the alleged corruption in that level of leadership, you’re in trouble.”


Police say they are investigating the situation and have promised to put those inciting violence behind bars.

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