Minnie Dlamini ready to be in the hot seat as the next celebrity to be roasted

Laugh Africa Comedy Festival and Showmax are set to get tongues wagging with ‘The Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini’.

TV presenter and actress Minnie Dlamini has been busy on social media teasing that something is coming, hinting about being on set, signalling that something is coming.

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag – Dlamini is going to sit in the hot seat as the next celebrity to be roasted in South Africa on – ‘The Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini’.

Laugh Africa Comedy Festival and Showmax on Thursday evening cracked the news to the media, actors and influencers at a fun event in Johannesburg.

Mzansi celebrities Somizi, Kenny Kunene, Steve Hofmeyr and late Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and Khanyi Mbau (the first woman) have felt the burn of the ‘Comedy Central Roast’.

Now, Dlamini is about to make her debut in the world of comedy roasts, under the Showmax umbrella and she is looking forward to a light-hearted take on her illustrious career and personal anecdotes.

Having been in the public eye and having various things about her personal life being said in the media and social media, she is ready for it all.

“I’m excited, I think it’s going to be a really fun show, I think a lot of people are excited to hear what people are going to say and the jokes that are going to come out,” Dlamini told IOL Entertainment.

With a divorce that’s yet to be finalised from Quinton Jones and allegations of him requesting R10,000 in spousal support, the writers have plenty of ammunition at their disposal.

“Absolutely,” says Dlamini when asked if she is ready for her personal life to be used as digs to roast her.

“I’ve trended for weeks on end, people saying the most outlandish things. I ended off the year, last year on my show ‘Curated’ I was making fun of myself.

“I’m ready to do it in a way that is curated, to do it in a way that is fun, entertaining and that I get paid.”

When it comes to the most outlandish thing that Dlamini has ever heard about herself, is the story about Itumeleng Khune allegedly paying R1 million lobola for her.

The Roast will feature a star-studded line-up (yet to be announced), will be recorded live on April 5, and will air exclusively on Showmax, on April 26.

Roast panels are known to hit deep and go low, especially when armoured with the right material, but there isn’t anything Dlamini isn’t expecting.

“I’ve been through the wringer, if you read my social media the last two years and even before then, people have gone out of the way to say some crazy stuff. I don’t think there is anything that I haven’t heard.

“What I am excited to hear is how the writers put together a really good script and how they use all the stuff that’s been said on social media and turn that into punchy jokes.

“I wanna see my favourite celebrities and make some good jokes about me and about each other, that’s what I’m excited to see.”

Dlamini being on the roast seat isn’t about her needing the money, but her having fun and taking control of the narrative. In the end, a lot has been said and will be said, but on the night she gets the final say.

Laugh Africa is committed to delivering a roast that not only entertains, but also honours the essence of what it means to be roasted – a celebration wrapped in humour and affection.

“By selecting individuals whose journeys we admire, we ensure that each jest and jab is a testament to their impact and our affection.

“This approach guarantees a roast that is as heartfelt as it is hilarious, staying true to the tradition of roasting those held in high regard,” said Stuart Taylor, Laugh Africa Comedy Festival Creative Director.

Internationally acclaimed comedian Eddie Griffin will be headlining The Laugh Africa Comedy Festival taking place from April 5-7 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The festival will feature local favourites such as Eugene Khoza, Conrad Koch & Chester Missing, Jam Jam The Comedian and Mel Jones, with something for everyone; three genres – English, Vernacular, and Afrikaans.

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