Miss Teen Universe South Africa Lisolethu Jacobs Empowers Youth To Tackle Bullying and Unemployment

Miss Teen Universe South Africa Lisolethu Jacobs is passionate about tackling bullying, unemployment and teenage pregnancies.
  • Miss Teen Universe South Africa Lisolethu Jacobs is a remarkable 19-year-old who embodies determination and authenticity.
  • She believes her journey to entering pageants wasn’t accidental, and it was an opportunity to advocate for children’s wellbeing.
  • Speaking to Briefly News, Jacobs said she’s committed to using education as a tool to change the nation.

At just 19 years old, Miss Teen Universe SA Lisolethu Jacobs is a powerhouse of determination, authenticity and strength. Lisolethu Jacobs, the 19-year-old with a vision Jacobs ventured into the world of pageantry, entering Miss Teenager Universe South Africa. Winning the crown wasn’t about personal glory but about acquiring a powerful voice for those who often go unheard.

Being crowned queen meant a lot to me, but more to those who looked up to me. The opportunity that this pageant has given me is a voice.

“I am a voice for the many voiceless individuals who struggle with self-acceptance, hoping my story will inspire them and help them change for the better.”


For Jacobs, this platform was more than just a stage for beauty; it was an opportunity to amplify her advocacy for children’s wellbeing – a cause incredibly close to her.

“I am a proud advocate for children’s wellbeing and mental welfare, being one of my biggest projects in affiliation with Pick ‘n Pay Kenilworth Centre and a primary school in my community that I have adopted.

“As a proud founder of #FixASmile Foundation and Teen Girl Talk with Lisolethu Jacobs campaign, I donated stationery, luxury items, snacks and a Christmas gift for the young boys in Grade 1. This charity project meant a lot to me because I had worked hard to serve my community. To see the young boys and girls so happy made me feel glorious.”

South African youth encounter a range of societal challenges

Lisolethu is resolute about being part of the solution to complex issues like teenage pregnancy and unemployment. Education, in her eyes, is the most potent tool for change, and she says:

“In my country, we, as young people, face many challenges daily, like teenage pregnancy and unemployment. I could help end these social issues by creating campaigns advocating and educating people about our socio-economy. That way, I believe they will take it upon themselves to change positively. “As the first black democratic and late former President Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’ and I stand firm in living this statement in reality, for me and the upcoming generational leaders of the universe.”

Her unwavering belief in a collective ability to improve the world has been her guiding light on an inspiring journey.

What does the future hold for Miss Teen Universe?

Lisolethu is different from your typical fashion model, pursuing a sports science and exercise degree. While she certainly appreciates the glitz and glamour, she’s also a passionate sports enthusiast.

“I am currently studying my degree in sport science and exercise. Although my love for modelling is beyond what words describe, I am a sports fanatic.

“I discovered my love for sports when I played netball professionally and decided to learn more about it, as I wish to one day play for our national SPAR Proteas senior netball squad.” As she looks ahead, Jacobs envisions herself not only graduating but also pursuing a PhD while striving to secure a spot on the national SPAR Proteas senior netball squad. Her dreams know no bounds; international titles and national pageants are on her horizon. Lisolethu’s message to everyone is simple yet profound:

“Love yourself before seeking love from others. The industry is tough and brutal; stand firm with who you are and you will never face hardships. “Your self-discovery journey should be influenced by you and the change you would like to implement, not because society is forcing you. You have the power to make and break your future, and it is all in your hands. “Never allow anyone to dim your light and tell you what to do. FOCUS! This is a message I would give anyone as we all need to be reminded what our purpose is.”

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