CARACAS- The Miss Venezuela beauty pageant said on Wednesday it will investigate possible unethical behaviour by its contestants following a bitter social media spat that saw former participants accusing each other of inappropriate behaviour.

The group of former Miss Venezuelan contestants in mass social media posts this month, alleged that some participants had enriched themselves by having romantic relationships with corrupt businessmen and officials.

Accusations rage from cars to trips from government officials in exchange for sexual favors, pocket money meant for a charitable children’s foundation, spent by the contestants.

In a statement, the Miss Venezuela Orgainsation said, “Given the events recently described on social media … a decision has been made to begin an internal review to determine if anyone linked (to the pageant), during the course of their involvement, violated the values and ethics of the contest,”

The organisation said they will be closing the Caracas training facilities, stop casting for the pageant, including lowering the Mister Venezuela event.

The allegations drew outrage in Venezuela, as the country is experiencing an economic crisis, with triple-digit inflation, food and medicine shortages have sparked a mass exodus of migrants.

The allegations drew a drubbing from critics who pointed out the pageant contestants spelling mistakes.

The country has one of the most successful pageant contests who have won numerous global pageants including Miss Universe and Miss World more than a dozen times.

Photo Credit- Bloomberg


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