Mississippi appoints its first-ever female US senator

WASHINGTON-  Unbelievably fact, Mississippi has sent its first woman to represent the state in the US Congress for the first time ever on Wednesday, it took an appointment by the southern state’s governor to get her there.

When Cindy Hyde-Smith, the current state’s agriculture commissioner, when sworn in as a Republican senator next month, her appointment will increase the number of women in the upper chamber of Congress to 23, a new record.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant said on Twitter when he announced the appointment,”We made history today,”

Hyde Smith replaces experienced Republican Thad Cochran, who will retire due to health issues on April 1st at age 80.

Reports are circulating in Washington that the White House is not pleased with the appointment, a source close to the governor said Bryant spoke with a White House advisor who expressed their concern about the appointment.

Hyde Smith started her term as a legislator Democrat but switched to the Republican party in 2010.

To keep her seat she will have to run in the November election if she wishes too.

Vermont is now the only state that has never elected or appointed a woman to Congress.

Photo Credit- wsj.com

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