Mnangagwa on Mugabe’s removal: They acted in the interest of the nation

Harare – Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa praised the country’s army for the role in removing former president Robert Mugabe from power. He says they acted in the interest of the nation.

He made this comment on Wednesday in Harare on his first state of the nation address, before both houses the parliament.

Mnangagwa said the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) had “exuded great astuteness… in defending the national interest by initiating by what has become now known as Operation Restore Legacy”.

The army ended the former country’s first lady Grace Mugabe’s grip on the party and also led to the resignation of the Robert Mugabe, last month.

Mnangagwa also went on to say that, with things back to normal, his government will focus on working on the country’s economy.

“My government is committed to open Zimbabwe up to investment by building a free and transparent economy that is welcoming to outsiders,” he said.

On Wednesday the main MDC party which is led by Morgan Tsvangirai released a statement, saying “President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised free and fair elections but what has been missing is a proper roadmap to that election; the timelines and the implementation of key reforms.”

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