Mnangagwa promises greener pastures for embattled Zimbabweans

HARARE – Incoming Zimbabwean president and the new Zanu-PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised Zimbabweans to restore and grow the troubled economic situation in the country.

Mnangagwa, who received a heroic welcome, was speaking to thousands of Zimbabweans at Zanu-PF party headquarters in Harare on Wednesday evening, just under 30 hours after former President Robert Mugabe handed in his resignation letter to end his 37-year authoritarian rule.

Mnangagwa who has been hiding in South Africa after he was fired by the former president just over a week ago, arrived in Zimbabwe on Wednesday to take over power as the interim president of the country.

It was his first public speech since he was fired by Robert Mugabe and he gave great gratitude to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for the good job they have done; adding that he is pleased in the manner in which the process was peacefully conducted.

Mnangagwa to be sworn in as interim president on Friday, told thousands of supporters that post Mugabe era is full of democracy, adding that he will do everything in his power to revive the economy.

“Today we are witnessing the beginning of a new and unfolding full democracy in our country, we want to grow our economy, we want jobs… all patriotic Zimbabweans should come together, work together,” said the 75-year old.

Although millions of Zimbabweans do not have trust in him, they are waiting to see how things will unveil until the next coming elections.

Mnangagwa was surrounded by a large security detail and arrived at Zanu-PF  headquarters in a presidential-style motorcade.

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