Modack’s version of events may be detailed in extortion case

CAPE TOWN – Controversial businessman Nafiz Modack and his four co-accused are expected to be back in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Thursday morning where their lawyers might be given the chance to grill a State witness.

Charl Kinnear, a police officer investigating clashes in club around Cape Town, has been answering questions in the witness box from State prosecutor Adiel Jansen for roughly four weeks. Lawyers of the accused may soon get a chance to re-examine Kinnear’s testimony so far testified if Jansen has finished his main line of questioning.

Modack is accused alongside Colin Booysen- brother of Jerome Booysens, alleged Sexy Boys gang boss, Carl Lakay, Ashley Fields and Jacques Cronje. The accused face charges relating to nightclub security. Their arrest was made on December 15 and they have been detained in custody since then.

They launched an application to be released on bail. Bail proceedings continue on Thursday. It is not expected that any of them will be called into the witness box.

Office Kinnear testified last week and made several claims about Modack. This included that Igor Russol told police that Modack had recruited him while he was in Ukraine. According to Kinnear Modack had stated that “he was dealing with high-ranking police officials and should there ever be a problem, they would sort it out.

 Full Photo Credits – News24

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