Montana: R6.8m paid by my lawyer for property wasn’t from PRASA

Johannesburg – Former Prasa CEO Lucky Montana has explained how he instructed lawyer Riaan van der Walt to make payments from his company Precise Trade, but he said they were all related to a property sale of R6.8 million.

Montana is back at the state capture commission on Tuesday talking about allegations that he stole R36 million from Prasa to buy several properties.

He said the commission should ask van der Walt because he was the one who made the payments.

But he is continuing to answer that in some instances van der Walt provided guarantees for him to buy other properties and others he paid as instructed.

“So there is R2 million for the bond cancellation, and a R2 million deposit and then there’s a third payment, which is basically paying for the F161.”

Montana also accused the Zondo Commission’s investigators of leaving out crucial evidence to advance the narrative that he stole money to buy properties.

He also maintained that dealings between him and van der Walt were not improper and that he bought properties before he worked for Prasa.

“That is why Mr Soni wanted us to deal with only four properties and not all my properties because it was aimed at denying the fact there are proceeds from these. Once I have paid the bank, the rest of the money belongs to me and I can invest it as I wish,” Montana said.

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