Montana wants ‘bias’ Zondo inquiry lawyer Vas Soni to recuse himself

Johannesburg – Former Prasa CEO Lucky Montana on Tuesday said Zondo Commission lawyer Vas Soni should recuse himself because he was biased.

Montana said Soni’s loyalty to his nemesis Werksmans Attorneys was making him do their bidding.

He told the commission to throw out some of the evidence submitted about him, saying it was either untrue or unfounded.

“Soni must recuse himself, he is biased.” He accused Advocate Soni of advancing a predetermined narrative started by Werksmans Attorneys, a lwa firm that Soni worked for.

Werksmans Attorneys was appointed by Prasa board chair Popo Molefe to investigate irregularities under Montana and found him culpable of gross misconduct.

“The network has determined and is reaching out to Mr Soni, that is why he is taking the line he is taking.”

Soni said he remained objective.

But Zondo said he would reflect on the way forward considering the time constraints facing the commission and if there was no time, Montana may have to submit a written response.

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