More Complaints on Racist Acts at Old Mutual

Cape Times recently published an article about the public’s complaints about the Old Mutual company. There has been more employee complaints concerning the same issue, Old mutual stated they have launched an investigation into the African Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM), trying to find out more about the complaints and the source of complaints.

 “While we are addressing the matter urgently, we do require the necessary time to conclude the investigation and review process properly, before providing any further comment.

“Our grievance and escalation procedures ensure that no individual or whistle-blower is compromised in any manner,” Old Mutual stated.

The public is coming forward by reporting to the media, aiming to get a warning story out of it. One previous employee of the company said they had suffered a nervous breakdown and taken to hospital and then fired by Old Mutual.

“This is not only happening within the subsidiary but also with the main head office. There are countless women who are getting physically sick or have left the company already due to their treatment of black individuals, among other things” one source said.

The women of the company and its subsidiaries have since written to Old Mutual, stating the obvious concerns about racism and bullying towards black and coloured women within the company.

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