Morning Entertainment to Ease the Stress of Traffic

Cape Town – Mornings in busy cities like Cape Town can be very frustrating especially due to the heavy traffic on their busy roads.

The roads are used by individuals in their private cars, car pools as well as taxis.

Nadeem Diempie who is a taxi guardjie from Hanover Park has been causing waves and relieving the morning traffic frustrations.

The young man shows off new dance sequences moves everyday for the commuters and motorists.

Some of this audience members have contributed to his fame by filming him and sharing his videos on social media. He has well over 250 000 views of social media sites like Facebook.

His sequences start with him asking his co-worker, the driver to turn up the music and by now, those who frequent the roads know what is to come once they hear the music get louder.

The 27 year of father has put smiles even on the grumpiest heading to work on an early morning.

The charming young man takes delight in entertaining his spectators which always leaves him feeling good and ready for the day ahead.

The young man also adds that his favourite thing about his job is the people and entertaining them even though they are not in his taxi, the social media fame is just a bonus.

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