Morocco touts gun safety in 2026 World Cup Bid

RABAT- Morocco has touted its limited threat from gun crime in their 2026 World Cup bidding proposal to take on United States led bid to host the football showcase.

Morocco highlights safety for visiting fans in bidding documents published by FIFA on Monday, that do however show every stadium and training ground that will require new buildings and facilities work.

In contrast to US where they have the infrastructure and facilities, Morocco bid book says its a low proposition for FIFA because of they low gun crime rates compared to the North American and this will be the first World Cup after FIFA decided to jump from 32 to 48 countries during the tournament.

Morocco decision to focus on “very low gun circulation” comes at a time with US growing struggle with gun control and mass marches in the US urging their politicians to change gun laws. The call comes after another mass shooting in Florida, where a gun man used a assailant rifle that killed 17 people at Parkland High School.

The US are the leading partner as they bid is in partnership with Canada and Mexico.

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