Most common car problems revealed

Closeup of early 30's handsome car mechanic working under a vehicle. He's tightening screws and bolts in rear suspension with a ratchet. The vehicle is lifted with a car jack. The mechanic is wearing typical working uniform, has short brown hair and beard.
Johannesburg – A report done by Ipsos revealed the following information: despite the fact that South Africa has a comparatively small market, South African citizen do not only have a wide range of new cars to choose from but they also benefit from the ‘high quality’ standard when it comes to vehicle quality and customer service.
The report also reveals that this year the average number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) which is a combined score has improved to 73%. This is an improvement of 10% when it is combined with defect and design issues, that is compared to the previous period (81 PP100)
This information was collected from people who purchased their vehicle in 2016. More than 7000 new owners were interviewed.
Ipsos says: “The 17 brands surveyed represent 72% of new vehicle sales in SA during 2016.”
The research also show that the biggest problem that make consumers complain is the fuel consumption.
People who own sport coupe were the only people who did not complain about fuel consumption as their biggest problem.
Problems that were rated the second highest were as follows, “Low performance, road holding, unspecified noises and audio malfunction.”
The research also revealed that most people who laid complains were people who bought imported cars than those who bought cars from the country.

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