Most Valuable brands for 2018

NEW YORK-  Forbes has given a list of the most valuable brands of 2018, the list has names that are familiar to many people, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook.

The list also includes giant food chains, car brands and sport merchandise brands and clothing brands that are most valuable.

The world most valuable brands have a combined total of massive $12.5 trillion.

Infographic done by showcased the most 100 valuable brands in the world.

Apple come out on tops with a Brand Value of $182,8 billion, their closest challenger Google at $132,1 billion and Microsoft rounding off the top three at $104.9 billion.  Samsung surprisingly come in 8th position.

Google, Microsoft, Facebook Band Amazon are rapidly catching up to Apple, with each seeing double digit growth clips. Highest non technology brand was Cocoa Cola which come in 10th place.

Brands ranking by industry

Photo Credit-, EWN, Cult of Mac


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