Motorcyclist survives close shave with red-light skipping car

TEXAS- A motorcyclist in Texas captured the moment when a car skipped the red robot and crashed into oncoming traffic.

In the video you can spot the motorcyclist, other motorists, waiting at a traffic light to cross. A car then appears in the video crossing a red robot and smashes into a black SUV, causing the SUV to flip.

Malik Elizee said, “Someone ran a red light and I got real lucky.

“To answer some common questions – No one left in an ambulance, myself included. I was wearing most of my gear (was only going up the road so only had on regular jeans and boots), gloves and jacket saved me what would’ve been some serious sliding damage.

“The bike would’ve been in a lot worse shape if not for my frame sliders. My frame slider is completely grinded and destroyed but it saved most of the bike. Other than some broken plastic and mirror, the damage isn’t too serious. Still can start up and ride, I actually rode it home.”

WATCH- Warning strong Language

Photo Credit- Newz NG

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