Mourinho happy with ‘fantastic’ comeback as United steal at the end against Juventus

TURIN – Jose Mourinho has hailed a “fantastic victory” after Manchester United stole the headlines from Cristiano Ronaldo and a dominant Juventus with a 2-1 win in the Champions League on Wednesday.

After the win Juventus players Leonardo Bonucci and Paulo Dybala confronted Mourinho with United captain Ashley Young intervening, in the end Mourinho left the pitch by a Uefa official.

“They insulted me for 90 minutes. I came here to do my job, nothing more,” said former Inter Milan coach Mourinho.

“I didn’t offend anyone at the end, I just made a gesture that I wanted to hear them louder. I probably shouldn’t have done it, with a cool head I wouldn’t have.”

“It’s a fantastic victory for us, a victory that is not just about the points we lost at home but the feeling of how well we played,” said Mourinho.

“And I think even if this game hadn’t ended with victory I would have the same feeling that the team played really, really well from the first minute against a super team.”

Goal scorer Cristiano Ronaldo said after the teams first defeat of the season, “We dominated for the 90 minutes. We had two or three clear chances and we should have been able to put the game to bed with ease, but we paid for switching off,”

“It’s never nice to lose, but maybe this defeat comes at the best possible time. We have a great team, we’re top of the group and I’m sure we’ll go through as group winners.”

Mourinho commented that Juventus are a very good team, “Probably when Manchester United had heroics here (in the past) Manchester United was the best team and they (Juventus) are a top team for many years now,”

“They bought that player (Ronaldo), they want to win everything, they can win everything and we are a team where many of the players didn’t play big matches like this in the Champions League.”

“We played this season against Chelsea and Juventus away, the two best teams that we face this season and we played very well in both,” said Mourinho.

“Here we were lucky to win in last minute, against Chelsea unlucky not to win in last minute but we played very, very well and this is what we want.

“We want to play well, we want to go to every stadium, and it doesn’t matter the team.

“I want the feeling (that) it doesn’t matter where we go, we go to compete and this is the feeling the Manchester United supporters around the world want.”

Photo credit- EWN

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