Moyane’s lawyers taking Ramaphosa to court over written evidence

JOHANNESBURG- Suspended South African Revenue Services (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane’s legal team has told the Presidency it will head to court over a technical aspect of his disciplinary inquiry.

Moyane’s lawyer told Fin24 that they have informed the presidency on Wednesday that they intended to challenge the written evidence aspect of the inquiry.

Moyane, suspended SARS commissioner maintains he is innocent of the twelve misconduct charges he faces, he is insisting he should be allowed to make oral representations.

His legal team wrote to Ramaphosa arguing against the disciplinary inquiry being held in writing, as the SARS Act allows for oral evidence.

According to SARS disciplinary procedures, oral evidence can only be given in front of a panel chair’s discretion.

Khusela Diko Presidency spokesperson, “We further reiterate our view that the hearing itself remains the platform for Mr Moyane to challenge any issues he may have about the process. In the event he disagrees, as he does, Mr Moyane, like all people in the Republic, is free to approach the courts which are there to act as arbiters where parties do not find one another,” she told Fin24 in a WhatsApp message.

A date has not been determined for the disciplinary hearing and Ramaphosa has rejected several of Moyane’s demands, including a request that his legal cost be covered by the state.

Photo Credit- eNCA

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